Stand at the
crossroads and
look; ask for the
ancient paths,
ask where the
good way is,
and walk in it,
and you will find
rest for your
About CCCMD Senior Ministry
The Evergreen fellowship is a group of senior brothers and sisters who are
60 and above. The oldest senior is currently 100 and the youngest is 60.  

We have monthly meetings on the fourth Thursday morning in our new
church. The meetings are homey and warm.  Many seniors look forward to
this meeting every month.  We start by singing songs and hymns, praying
and worshiping God.  This is followed by Bible study and sharing.  During
each meeting, 2-3 people will prepare and share what they have learned
from reading the Bible. At the end, one senior brother will speak and draw a
conclusion from that day’s messages. They bring home spiritual food to
mediate upon until their next meeting.

The Evergreen fellowship allows these old friends to come together and
share things that are dear and close to their hearts.  They also pray together
for their own needs and also those of their families.  We are a family of God
and they are soaked in the love and care of Christian brothers and sisters.  
God’s presence is evident in each meeting, and they get a taste of heaven
on earth. After every meeting, everybody is satisfied, comforted and

During special occasions such as Christmas, New Year etc., the Evergreen
fellowship sings in front of the congregation. It’s a blessing to see them still
serving the Lord in their old age.  When weather permits, we may go out
and have outdoor trips. One time when we were at Brookside Gardens, we
were touched to see an 80 year “young” man trying to assist a 95 year “old”
man…what a picture of brotherly love!

As some of these Seniors get older and are no longer able to attend church
meetings, different brothers and sisters will visit and call them to bring God’s
love to them.
Jeremiah 6:16
CCCMD Senior Ministry
Chinese Christian Church of Maryland
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