if my people, who
are called by my
name, will humble
themselves and
pray and seek my
face and turn from
their wicked ways,
then will I hear
from heaven and
will forgive their
sin and will heal
their land.
About CCCMD Adult Caring Ministry
Lift Jesus higher!  That is the purpose and goal of the Chinese Christian
Church of Maryland.  We desire to seek the Lord, to have a closer fellowship
with Him, to serve Him and to bring people to Jesus.  However, it is clear
that we can do nothing on our own.  All we can do is exalt Christ, who
alone can draw all men unto Himself.  

Since the start of our church, we have spent Saturday mornings waiting
upon the Lord and seeking the Lord together. In addition to Bible study, we
have also read selected books.  
These meetings provide the very essence
of our – waiting on the Lord, seeking the Lord, praising the Lord,
studying His word, praying, being filled by the Holy Spirit…all so that we
may go deeper into this sweet fellowship and union with Him.
We long to
be filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit so that we can live in His
presence moment by moment.  We also have weekly prayer meetings,
Friday night Bible Studies, Sunday school, Sunday worship, sisters’ prayer
meetings, and annual retreats.

As we grow in our walk with God, He shares with us His burden for lost souls.  
After being inwardly filled with God’s love, that love naturally overflows from
the church unto unbelievers around us.  We have evangelistic meetings,
and participate in missionary work through prayer and financial support.  
Brothers and sisters display their love for lost souls by opening their homes
for small evangelistic meetings and through personal witnessing. In these
end times, the fields are ripe for harvest.  People are hungry for God and
their hearts are ready to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Reaching our kinsmen in Mainland China is a burden of our church.  We
direct a large portion of our missionary fund there.  The first Sunday of
each month is Missionary Sunday.  All the offerings that are not specifically
designated are sent  to mission fields around the world.  We are supporting
missionaries in Africa, China, Virgin Island, Europe, Mexico and Taiwan.   
We also minister to the churches in China in person.  

The church is the family of God.  As we see through His eyes, we can see
the needs of our brothers and sisters.  We aim to care for each other, forgive
each other, pray for each other, help each other, and share our burdens as
well as joys.    There are 5 regional caring groups and 5 fellowship caring
groups, which provide small group caring and support both physically and

All members are encouraged to serve God with whatever gifts and talents
He has bestowed to them.  God has consistently risen up people to fill the
needs of the church.  Most families, including young people and children,
are serving in different capacities.  Behind every ministry and service there
is a prayer meeting.  He provides us with the desire, strength, wisdom and
joy to serve.  “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD
of hosts.”

Praise the Lord!  Everything that we do, we do it for Him and through Him.  
All we desire is to be empty vessels, and to allow Jesus to live His life out
through us.  We are nothing.  Yet, as we offer ourselves to him, He is able to
do far beyond what we could ask or think.   We thank God that as He is lifted
up, He draws our hearts to seek Him and serve Him with simplicity, purity
and joy.  As time passes, we trust that God will give us a greater hunger for
Him, and obtain a greater fullness of Jesus Christ.  Our desire is for Him to
will and to do in each one of us according to His good pleasure.  It is so
true that nothing is important but Jesus and abiding in Him.  Lift Jesus
higher.  May He draw all men unto Himself.
2 Chronicles 7:14
CCCMD Adult Caring Ministry
Chinese Christian Church of Maryland
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